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COVIC 19 and BAME communities

The implementation of COVID-19 social distancing measures and the unprecedented demands placed upon our heroic NHS have impacted the provision of social care and community services that form vital support for vulnerable and at-risk sectors of our community during ordinary times.


This pandemic is affecting BAME communities including people of African origin the most and as a result of their disadvantage, they need a higher level of help and support.

Well established charities and foundations have witnessed an increase in demand for their services on a scale that is near unmanageable. Silent Voices Organization has sought to support our country and community in providing potentially unmet but critical needs for expectant and new mothers, single parents and those who have lost their loved ones to COVID-19 through Mother Tongue Emotional and befriending support by telephone, and the online delivery of food and essential products. 


Silent Voices Organization is offering a provision of community and psychological well-being support for members of society whose immediate vulnerability has been exacerbated by COVID-19. Designed for African origin expectant and new mothers,
single parent families and those bereaved by the pandemic, the funding we are appealing for will recreate currently inaccessible yet vital social and mental health support services delivered through a combination of digital forums and volunteer drop-offs of essential products.


 Food hampers for virtual cake and coffee dates for new and expectant mothers, as well as bereavement support services 

 Support new baby and new mother preparation through the delivery of essential items, e.g. food, nappies, clothing, hygiene items, protective products, etc. 

 20 Laptops and 20 tablets and 15 smartphones for beneficiaries

 Build a network of local community volunteers willing to personally contribute to these essential items over the coming weeks and months.


These children need the basic in life, what other children of their ages take for granted. They are at greater risk of suffering from malaria and childhood diseases due to poor housing and
conditions of life. Help us to support them and give them a better chance.


Members of a co-op, we provide them with seed money for income generation.


Our tractor hire project supports a community whose livelihood depends on farming for food security and household income.


They have potential despite being a disadvantage by poverty. Sponsor a child for £200 to support their educational needs and wellbeing for the whole year.

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